Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The month of Feb!

On the 5th, Kenneth had his Pine Wood derby. He made a super fast car and named it the Weather Car. You can see the different weather symbols at the top. He came in 3rd overall beating more than 20 cars!

Mara really sat on the potty! On the 16th, right after she turned 18 months, she took off during a diaper change and sat on her little potty. She hasn't gone pee pee IN the potty yet, just around the potty, but it's a start.

WE HAD FULL COVERAGE!! It snowed all day on the 22nd and it was a beautiful sight.

When the kids got home, the 1st thing they did was start throwing snow balls. They quickly turned their attention to building snowmen though. It was dirty work. We decided that gathering the white, clean snow off the trampoline and putting it on the porch would result in a better looking snowman.

We were right! It was amazing to be able to build a snowman in Austin.

Two days later, it was back in the mid 60's, so this is what was left.

Sam's Seven

Well it was over a month ago now, but we did go bowling and it was very late when we got back to have cake and ice cream. I love Sam's expression. He gets shy at the weirdest times. Happy b-day my little love.