Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Truly sorry.

I have been chastised publically for not mentioning that we went camping with our best friends, the Bramwells. As most of you know I have dial-up, and it was difficult to get the first camping pictures up. So now, in an attempt to earn forgiveness, I'm posting the few good pictures we have of them. Tara's blog has posted many more wonderful pictures of them and us, so feel free to view both. I'm so sorry! Love you.

Tara and me.

Zach's double s'more

Brent and Alex

Brent and Benjamin

Monday, September 24, 2007

Capuchins Camping

We spent last weekend up at Lake Livingston enjoying the beautiful weather. Everything was great except I forgot to pack the pillows and the ground was ROCK hard! Next time were bringing the air mattress too. Enjoy the Pics!

First look at the Lake.

Gooberous Gibbon!

Of Course We're Swinging! We're Monkeys!

Mother Primates often carry their young! Mostly to keep them out of trouble.

Baboon boys.

It got a little burned mommy!

I hurt my finger, but I'm okay!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dr. D Brent Halling PhD

YEA!!!! He DID IT! It's over, It's Done! Seven years = PhD. WOO HOO!!

I'm just a little excited. My husband is a doctor! Anyway, He's defense went really well, and everyone is really going to miss him. He worked really hard a didn't leave out a single detail (Hence the seven years.) Also he was always helping others when they asked, and did all the unfun stuff without complaint. Isn't he amazing!

It's OUT!

Kenneth lost his first tooth! I'm so old! JK. I did cry though. He was wiggling it last Saturday, and I could see the bottom. I told him to just yank it out. He grimaced and then he yelled "It's out, It's really out!" When he first realized it was loose he thought he was going to get a video game from the tooth fairy!

He was happy with a dollar in the end. It's a lot more than the quarter I use to get! Inflation stinks. Oh well!
What makes him really happy is now he looks like all his friends.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Monkey Business

These examples of primate behavoir are perfectly normal. Don't be alarmed. These are the most recent recordings I have, but rest assurd, there will be more to report.

Okay, I'm giving it a try!

I'm finally joining my fellow bloggers on the quest to keep the world informed. As my journey begins slowly (meaning: I still have dial-up), I'm hoping to pick up my pace (meaning: I'm getting DSL when I move!). I'm happy to join the ranks with others by preserving my family's important events (aka: everything embarrassing and cute) for the history of the earth. I apoligize in advance if I offend anyone, I never intended any. If you get offended, that's your problem anyway. Love to all!