Friday, December 23, 2011

Crutches for Christmas

Two days before Christmas and our monkey Evan decides to jump off the couch and kick the door. He was trying to kick off the door and land back on the couch, but instead he heard a pop, felt a lot of pain, landed on his back, and knocked the wind out of himself. One trip to the ER showed us a buckle fracture on his left foot. He'll be wearing this for a while, and he'll have to wait to play with some of his gifts until after his foot heals.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Oh My Goodness! He has gotten so big, it makes me want to cry. I made his cake with sour candy. He loved it, and he loves that king crown too. We gave him his own key to the house, and some other things. By his next b-day, he will be as tall as me.
We GOT A NEW MINIVAN! 2011 Kia Sedona. We will be driving it until it dies! Needs to last at least 10 years.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

October Lunacy!


I can't believe Evan is Seven. He has Great taste in cake too. Chocolate covered strawberries. YUM!

He really liked the sparkler candles.

We have a tradition that on your 7th birthday you get your first set of scriptures. We tell our kids they have a year to study and decide if they want to get baptized. Evan has asked me to read to him a lot. He loves his red scriptures.


This was Kenneth's year! He made the best robot costume. He took home the most creative costume at the trunk or treat, and people gave him extra candy because he made it himself. He was very happy!

Sam went with a more traditional costume. A ninja spider :). Thanks mom for letting the kids have these costumes you made for us when we were little.

Evan tried to be a scary bear, but he was toooooo cute! He's a big teddy bear.

I thought Mara was going to be a princess, but ever since she saw this cow costume, she didn't want to be anything else. The silver milk pail was a nice touch. In fact, she tried to milk herself when I gave it to her! XD hahahaha

Spooky pumpkins. The spookiest is the moldy, rotting one in the middle.
Always carve the day before.

Okay, back to August! (and a little Sept)

I have finally got the pictures onto my computer, so now they may go on the blog. Woohoo!

Our 12th anniversary. We went to Inner Space Caverns, because it was to dang hot to go anywhere else outside. It was really amazing though.

Our Mara girl turned 3! She was thrilled to get more dolls. Especially boy dolls! Rapunzel got Flynn, and she got Belle and Beast. She was a happy grwurill! hahaha. That's how Mara says 'girl', rhymes with squirrel.
Her brothers made her cake again. She loves pink and pink.

In Sept, we went to the San Antonio Temple. I love this picture. My kids are hilarious.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mad rush of pictures from 2005!

My boys at the Chicago Temple!

Sam and Dallin at the Fair.

Kenneth and Evan when they got along!

Grandma reading a bed time story. There's a MUCH bigger group now!

Evan and Sam enjoying the sprinkler.

Evan and Uncle Mike. It was uncle Mike that told us we should name him Evan.

ARGH! Pirate for Halloween.

Family Portrait. Nov 2005.

Kenneth up a tree.

Evan with his usual messy face.

Sam in black and white to hide all the black and blue. He had a rough week.

Kenneth/ Noah

Sam and Evan in a box.

Christmas 2005

Kenneth playing Basketball.

Before and after.

Since Evan B-day is around the corner, I thought I would post his before and after shots from his first birthday.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More from vacation.

Me and my Crazy Sibs. I picked the picture I looked best in.

Evan pulling his sis and cuz, Zoe. He's such a good big brother.

That's me jumping in. I'm attempting to make a big wave. I succeeded.

Mara is just too cute.

Kenneth and Loral. They had a lot of fun.

Kids on a water taxi in Chicago.

We got to wrap a mummy at the museum! It was cool. The best put was taking out the brain which the Egyptians believed to be worthless.

Jeep ride through the pasture.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We're having a great time so far......

Okay it's not quite in the right order, but here are some things we've done so far.

Smoke tubes last a lot longer.

Silly hats from Holiday world!
Tis was taken as we were leaving. They were exhausted!
Sam is awesome.

Mara bowling with Grandma's help, a ramp, and bumpers. She did very well.
I'm in a lake. That is my awesome sis-in-law, Chantelle, and our babies in a boat.
Kids at Lincoln boyhood home.
Triple piggyback ride!

Bubbles rock!

Visiting great grandparents!

I will post more later but I am tired now.