Thursday, December 6, 2007

Stair Monkey

Evan really enjoys the new stairs at our house and has found this game to play when he wears footy pjs. He's too cute.

Funny Kenneth

After telling Kenneth he needed to get long pants on instead of shorts, he went to his room to and put on all his shorts and declaring his legs covered.After calling him silly, I told him to finish getting dressed. He then came in with all his clothes on saying he was finished because there weren't anymore to put on.

What a monkey.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Bumper Sticker Quotes

I am diagonally parked in parallel universe.

Lord help me be the person my psychiatrist medicates me to be.

.....and what difference do YOU make?

On the other hand . . . you have different fingers.

You don't have to believe everything you think.

When you argue with reality, you lose...but only 100% of the time.

Visualize Whirled Peas

My Carma ran over your Dogma.

Which ones have you seen? Leave your comments.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bats of Austin!

The Sarver's and Halling's ventured out to downtown Austin where we saw the largest urban colony of Mexican Tail bats take off from underneath the Congress Ave bridge. Click here to view more info.

The video isn't that great because it's pretty dark but you can still see a lot of bats. It was a lot of fun and anyone who visits can come see it live.

Happy Thanksgiving Jerry!

It was too big to email so now everyone can see us wish Jerry a happy thanksgiving.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Kenneth turned 7!

Happy Birthday to our big little man! Kenneth is now lucky number seven!

Kenneth wanted to celebrate his b-day by going to a chinese buffet. Out of all the awesome stuff they have in Austin, we couldn't find a good buffet. This small one was good enough for Kenneth.

Evan liked it too.

Kenneth got to open presents from his brothers and one from his parents. His party with his cousins and friends is on Monday.
I'm getting really big mom!

One year until baptism, so we decided to get him his own scriptures. We also gave him a Book of Mormon reading chart and he's excited to fill it up. We want him to read it before he gets baptised so he can make an educated decision and gain a testimony of the gospel.

I found my USB cord for the camera!

I'm happy to say I finally found the camera cord! Here are some photos of things we've been doing since we moved in.

Boys enjoying the backyard.

Sam building cities.
Fishing at Canyaon of the Eagles with our neighbors.
Determined Kenneth.

Determined Evan.

Determined Brent. I think it runs in the family.

Sam's first Kayak ride. Yea! Fun!

Sam's first run in with a catus. Ouch! No Fun!

The beautiful sunset at Inks Lake.

After our adventurous Saturday, we went to Dairy Queen and laughed about our novice experience with our new terrain. There aren't any pictures of Brent's and my experience with the catus, but if your wondering, there ARE thorns on catus pears. Our neighbors were afraid we wouldn't like the outdoors around here. But it was wonderful, and I hope we go exploring every weekend. More to come later.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Brent better than all the rest.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We've moved!

We now live in the beautiful city of Austin, and I finally have DSL! YEA!!!!! Anyway, the neighborhood is beautiful, the landlady is great, the school is wonderful, and the neighbors are fantastic! When we pulled up, there were already a lot of people to help us move in from our new ward, but two of our neighbors walked over to help too. It's really fantastic, and I feel so blessed. More to come later and Happy Halloween!
Happy Birthday Evan!
Three on 10/22/07
Happy B-day to Uncle Jerry too!

Monday, October 22, 2007

A surprise visit.

Thank you Tina, Sara, Spencer, Claire, Madison, and Porter for coming to see us. It was wonderful to play again, and I hope it won't be the last time we see you.

Farewell Fun.

About a week or so ago, our absolutely amazing friends threw us a Congrats-farewell-Happy birthday Kenneth and Evan- Halloween Party. It was awesome! Tara and KC Rock!
Our boys made a pinata for the occasion.

Alex takes the first swing
The best part!

Happy Birthday Evan! 10 days early.

Happy Birthday Kenneth! A month early.

We are going to miss you guys! Thanks to everyone who came. Love you!

Friday, October 19, 2007


I have one week to move. I have to buy a fridge, change my address with all the people who send us bills, and get rid of a load of stuff before next Saturday. I thought I was fortunate to have gotten rid of the flu bug two weeks ago (which kept Kenneth ill for six days) after it made all the boys puke their guts out, but I just picked up Sam at school. He was complaining of a headache and asked to come home. Just before I opened the door, Sam, who I was carrying, puked all over me! This is too much too handle at the moment.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Celebrity Look Alike

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Little Bro

Jerry and his amazing wife Stef.

Now this is trust! How many of you would let your little brother do this to you?!

My brother is leaving Oct. 4th. He is a Dentist for the Navy so he has an assignment in Guam first and then he's going to Iraq. He'll be back in April.
You can imagine the mixed feelings but for the most part, I'm very proud of him! I'm actually just as worried about him leaving Stef with their five children. (click here to view his beautiful family on their blog). Well, Good Luck Jerry! Stef if you need me, call. I can make the drive!

Homework Witch

I need help! I'm terrible at helping my kids with their homework! I don't know why I lose my temper, but I guess it's because I don't know how to explain it to them. They Hate me when I try to help too. I'm desperate! My kids are going to hate school work and it will be all my fault. What should I do?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Truly sorry.

I have been chastised publically for not mentioning that we went camping with our best friends, the Bramwells. As most of you know I have dial-up, and it was difficult to get the first camping pictures up. So now, in an attempt to earn forgiveness, I'm posting the few good pictures we have of them. Tara's blog has posted many more wonderful pictures of them and us, so feel free to view both. I'm so sorry! Love you.

Tara and me.

Zach's double s'more

Brent and Alex

Brent and Benjamin

Monday, September 24, 2007

Capuchins Camping

We spent last weekend up at Lake Livingston enjoying the beautiful weather. Everything was great except I forgot to pack the pillows and the ground was ROCK hard! Next time were bringing the air mattress too. Enjoy the Pics!

First look at the Lake.

Gooberous Gibbon!

Of Course We're Swinging! We're Monkeys!

Mother Primates often carry their young! Mostly to keep them out of trouble.

Baboon boys.

It got a little burned mommy!

I hurt my finger, but I'm okay!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dr. D Brent Halling PhD

YEA!!!! He DID IT! It's over, It's Done! Seven years = PhD. WOO HOO!!

I'm just a little excited. My husband is a doctor! Anyway, He's defense went really well, and everyone is really going to miss him. He worked really hard a didn't leave out a single detail (Hence the seven years.) Also he was always helping others when they asked, and did all the unfun stuff without complaint. Isn't he amazing!

It's OUT!

Kenneth lost his first tooth! I'm so old! JK. I did cry though. He was wiggling it last Saturday, and I could see the bottom. I told him to just yank it out. He grimaced and then he yelled "It's out, It's really out!" When he first realized it was loose he thought he was going to get a video game from the tooth fairy!

He was happy with a dollar in the end. It's a lot more than the quarter I use to get! Inflation stinks. Oh well!
What makes him really happy is now he looks like all his friends.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Monkey Business

These examples of primate behavoir are perfectly normal. Don't be alarmed. These are the most recent recordings I have, but rest assurd, there will be more to report.

Okay, I'm giving it a try!

I'm finally joining my fellow bloggers on the quest to keep the world informed. As my journey begins slowly (meaning: I still have dial-up), I'm hoping to pick up my pace (meaning: I'm getting DSL when I move!). I'm happy to join the ranks with others by preserving my family's important events (aka: everything embarrassing and cute) for the history of the earth. I apoligize in advance if I offend anyone, I never intended any. If you get offended, that's your problem anyway. Love to all!