Saturday, December 13, 2008

What a busy time we've had!

We've had a very busy week. Last Saturday Kenneth got to be a cub scout for the first time. They did a service project by going door to door to collect cans. He did an awesome job!

WE GOT SNOW!!!!!!!! It was brief but beautiful. No ground cover, but the roofs were white. If it had been more humid it would have been bigger, still I got what I wanted for Christmas!

Sam was a clown in his first school play. He pretended to juggle onstage while sporting his homemade clown outfit. He was so crazy!

Tonight, Evan went bravely up to sing with the Primary at our ward Christmas party. He didn't sing but he went, unlike his brothers who pretended to have stage fright. They eventually went up but their sour faces didn't fit with the Christmas theme. Kudos to Evan!!

Mara had her first visit with Santa tonight too. She was so good! So far we only have one crying child sitting on Santa's lap. Mara just looked around and yawned. It will be more exciting later.

Well, this Christmas will be very special! I can't wait until Christmas morning when they open their presents! More importantly though, we try to focus on the Savior and his birth and what that means for all of us. That he came here as a mortal man, to perfect for earth, to save us individually, is the greatest and most precious gift of all. Happy Birthday to Our Lord. May we always give as he does.