Wednesday, March 26, 2008


OH A CAMPING WE WILL GO!! This trip was soooo much fun. Even though we went camping at the busiest time of year, we got the best spot and it was peaceful. Well, as peaceful as it can be with six monkeys. We were very fortunate to have our wonderful friends join us. When those six boys get together, it's non stop action. Everyone needs to click on Tara's blog to see more too. She takes much better pics (I borrowed a few because my camera battery died) and she's more interesting anyway.
Around the campfire cookin' beans and eatin' s'mores. Tara is toasting coconut covered marshmallows that went awesome with Hershey's special dark for a gourmet s'more. Million dollar recipe right there!

The park is nothing but prickly pear catus and Spring Valley Gneiss (pronounced NICE) stone. It's very beautiful.

This was the first time we took all the boys fishing. (thanks to grandma for providing all the gear) They had so much fun and surprisingly had more patience then I expected.

This is the very FIRST fish that Brent has caught in his whole life. It was a sunfish, and he threw it back, not realizing he could keep it. Oh well.

After camping at one park we went to another state park with beautiful waterfalls all over the place. Nothing like water and rocks to bring out the best in boys too.

Swimming in the river

I am strong!

I am wet!

I'm too cool!

Our wonderful friends KC, Tara, Zach, Ben, and Alex.

I can't wait until we go again. I need to hurry before I get too big. Feel free to come and camp with us!

Monday, March 10, 2008

You Tell Me.

Okay, this morning I went to my 16 week check up and the Nurse Practitioner checked the sex of the baby. At first I was sure I saw a turtle (which means boy) but the nurse said she didn't. She poked around for 20 min, getting the whole thing on video, and decided I was having a girl. I didn't believe her, so she printed out about 5 pics of nothing between the legs. I still think the little booger is going to be a boy in the end but the NP said you can only be about 70% sure at this stage and she was 70% sure it's a girl. I'm placing a pic and a poll on my blog. You Tell ME!

Is that a GIRL?

Sam's b-day

I was very upset to find out our memory card is currupted, so I'm missing a lot of pics.

Here's some of Sam's b-day.

Happy 5th Birthday Sam!