Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sam's new glasses

He looks so handsome.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Time to Catch Up..... Again.

Okay we're going to take a trip back in time, starting with today and going back to the holidays. I'm uploaded at Brent's work so it's MUCH MUCH MUCH faster. Sorry I haven't put much on here for a while. Okay, Let's get started!

We went to the zoo today. Here are my 4 monkeys. Mara was supposed to fold her arms and do "Do No Evil" but it's funny anyway.

We saw our cousins at the zoo too. Cute Capuchan.

We got really close to some animals. Black Bear.

Montrous Pig

Lion 1

Lion 2

I did not zoom in on any photo.

We got some bags of food to feed some animals. This goat practically kissed me!

I taught them how to hold their hands flat so they wouldn't get their fingers bit off.

Ready for a egg hunt! Video wouldn't load.

Bluebonnet pictures. If you live in Texas, you HAVE to do this!


Evan trying not to smash them.

Mara likes to talk to flowers.

Sam is too darn cute!

We went to a small park with a lot to explore. Me and my girl.

Boys love to be on top of rocks!

Closest we ever got to a live armadillo. Walked right in front of us. Their supposed to be nocturnal.

My crew posing for me. I love my family.

This is a nice place.

Kenneth won 2nd place at the Regional Science Fair! WOO HOO!

Sam's birthday party with a few friends.

9 years old.

His first Pinewood Derby. He did really well.

Brent wanted sugar cookies for his birthday cake. He was so happy.

Wishing he could eat them.

My family rocks. I got 2 birthday parties. I got to see my sibs, because my Awesome grandma Norma passed away. I'll miss her a lot. Last summer when I saw her she told me nothing brings people together like a funeral. Well it brought all of us together, she was right, and my sibs threw me a surprise party in the hotel. Love you all and I miss you Grandma.
Back home with my kiddos who worked really hard on my cake. Thank you.

Back to Christmas! It was an awesome year. check out the videos too.

Precious Treasure.

Christmas with his broken foot. He still had a great time.

Mara and Daddy.
This is the kids with their Great Grandpa Wheeler at Thanksgiving. We went up for I short trip, too short. Hopefully we can see everyone again soon.

Battle between good and evil.

Wrestling daddy out of bed Christmas morning. In the end, I flipped the mattress over and got him off. They really need to work together. This is a tradition that carries onto this generation. Brent use to wrestle his dad out of bed on Christmas when he was a kid.

Sliding down rocks and Mayfield park.