Monday, November 30, 2009

Halling Herald of 2009

Halling Herald 2009

We've had an amazing year which is best summarized by pictures. Normally I would go person to person, but I'll just start in January and work my way until the present.

I turned 30! I love it too. I'm finally as old as people thought I was since I had 4 kids. You're only as old as you feel and as my friend Jamie used to tell me "You're only young once, but you can be immature forever."

Mara trying some new solid foods.It's amazing how fast they grow in one year.

Kenneth first pine wood
derby car! He was so proud!
In February Sam turned six. He's still into transformers too.

This is our family at the Marathon kids finish. They had 4 months to walk or run 26 miles and they did it!

Brent got the chance to teach Sam Kindergarten class about dry ice last March. It was hilarious!

The video from last March is on the blog, but this is a picture of golf ball sized hail over an hour after it started melting. Some chunks got to baseballs size, and you could hear a lot of stuff breaking. Needless to say, Everyone in the county got a new roof!

We wouldn't be Texans if we didn't have a bluebonnet picture. There's more on the blog but this was taken on our way to Houston for Easter.

Mara's 1st camping trip (again more pics on blog) was a scary night. Bad lightning and pouring rain led to most campers leaving. But the next day was beautiful and the state park practically empty. Despite the mud it turned out to be one of the best trips. This is a pic of my boys after they crossed the river to climb a rock. Boys and rocks!

Thanks to our amazing friend and neighbor, Karen, our kids experienced life on a ranch last May. This was Evan's first horse ride.

Kenneth driving a lawn mower for the first time. He was having a blast!

Sam behind the wheel (and driving) of a big tractor hauling hay for the horses. I love that he wore his cowboy hat to go to the farm! Thanks Karen!

Evan with two of his greatest friends (Ben and Alex) making mud pies in the rain on Memorial day weekend!

Mara discovers a strong love for Watermelon!

Kenneth gets his Bobcat award and later (on his birthday) he got his Wolf.

In June we began a long trip to visit family. Here we are with my awesome dad and his mom at her house in Missouri. It had been 5 years since I'd seen my Grandma Norma. And It was Evan and Mara's first time meeting their Great-grandma.

Here is the Halling group at the Wheeler family reunion. Yes, 3 of us are wearing the same shirt. It's a nice shirt. Brent's family rocks and the reunion was a blast.

Afterwards, we went further north to one of our favorite cities: CHICAGO!

Here is my amazing mom and Mara at the Indiana dunes on a rather cold day for the end of June.

The Sarver Seven. Me and my sibs! We all wore shirts that had Our birth order # on the back and our Dwarf name on the front. We were Scrubby, Cookey, Lefty, Lucky, Brainy, Witty, and Spacey.
I'm Lucky. In many ways it fits. I've won a lot of contests and give-aways. But my life seems to be a string of embarrassing moments as well. To balance the powers of my fortune, I put UN in front of Lucky with a sharpie. It works either way.

This is a Sarver Stew in my mom's hot tub. It's always great fun with the cousins.

After we got home, we took another short trip to the Alamo. Again, we wouldn't be Texans if we didn't go to the Alamo. This was Mara's 1st time.

In August there were 2 major milestones. First it was Brent's and my 10th anniversary! WOOHOO! We did it! We had an awesome day. He took me golfing ( I lasted 4 1/2 holes), Then we went to a wonderful resturant where they spoiled us, and our waitress's name was Mara. Then we went to an Improv theater. Funny thing, they were celebrating their 10th anniversary too. Awesome day!

The next day was Mara's 1st birthday! Her brothers helped her make the cake, and she loved the pink. she's all about pink and purple!

Shortly afterwards, Sam lost his first tooth. Strange thing is, he already got two adult teeth behind them. With two rows of teeth, he enjoyed acting like a shark boy, but he was happy to get money from the tooth fairy too. 5 bucks for the 1st tooth!

Evan's 1st day of School! He started Pre-K this year while Sam moved to 1st and Kenneth to 3rd. I can't believe how fast they are growing up.

GOOSEBUMPS! This was taken in early Sept, but we didn't close until mid Oct. We couldn't believe it. We actually had to call our realtor to make sure someone hadn't bought out from under us. To get a better view of the house, there's a recent video tour on the blog.

In Oct. Evan turned 5. He had been asking if he was 5 yet for 6 months. He was so relieved when we told him he was finally 5.

On Halloween, Sam dressed as a surgeon and posed in front of his latest work. I'm hoping he gets a LOT better before he starts working on people. hehe

Mara got the hang of trick or treating REALLY FAST! She Loved it and now she assoiciates dressing up with getting chocolate. She made a cute ballerina. Thanks to my friend Susanna who made this for her. I got it as a baby shower gift.

November brought Kenneth to his 9th birthday! I think he would have eaten the candles along with the lemon cake if we hadn't stopped him.
Thanksgiving was a feast that the boys are really coming to appreciate. I'm going to have to make twice as much once puberty hits!

Well, as we turn to the Christmas holiday, now is the time to count all of these blessings we've had this last year. The Lord has giving our family so much love, guidance, peace, charity, and joy. This year, as we focus on His birth, let us remember what it means to the world and to each of us, to have a Savoir. This year, less Santa, and more of the true meaning of Christmas.
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotton Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

Have a wonderful Holiday and many, many blessing to all of you. Remember, it's not what you get but what you give, and love is the best thing to give. Feel the LOVE! Give some brotherly love like Evan here. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Evan is adorable... and other things on my mind.

Tonight Kenneth decided to make dinner and found a recipe in a cook book Tara had given me. Mexican Soup. It was easy and fun to make. Kenneth loved making it and then he called everyone to the table and told his brothers to guess what was for dinner. Evan took one look in the pot and yelled:
WOW! Throw-up Soup. Cool!
soooo gross and sooo cute at the same time. Everyone was laughing and despite the fact that it did indeed look like chunky upchuck, it was delicious.

For those who don't already know I REALLY LOVED NEW MOON! Go see it if you have read the books. Amazingly well done!

Turkey time has come and getting ready is stressful so I'm trying to keep in mind all the blessings that I have in order reduce my own temper tantrums. Nothing gets you through the holidays better than remembering why you're celebrating them.
My sis just sent me this quote: Today's mighty oak was yesterday's nut that held its ground.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Our New House

Well here it is!! FINALLY!! This is a tour of our FIRST HOME! Yeah!