Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mad rush of pictures from 2005!

My boys at the Chicago Temple!

Sam and Dallin at the Fair.

Kenneth and Evan when they got along!

Grandma reading a bed time story. There's a MUCH bigger group now!

Evan and Sam enjoying the sprinkler.

Evan and Uncle Mike. It was uncle Mike that told us we should name him Evan.

ARGH! Pirate for Halloween.

Family Portrait. Nov 2005.

Kenneth up a tree.

Evan with his usual messy face.

Sam in black and white to hide all the black and blue. He had a rough week.

Kenneth/ Noah

Sam and Evan in a box.

Christmas 2005

Kenneth playing Basketball.

Before and after.

Since Evan B-day is around the corner, I thought I would post his before and after shots from his first birthday.