Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Best Friends and the Outdoors

Oh isn't she cute! We went to Silver Lake with our friends and then took a hike up to Lake Solitude, and then hiked up to Doughnut Falls all on the same day! Whew.
Oh she's just adorable, isn't she?

I call this one "Boys on a Log"

Best Friends Forever! Kenneth and Zach.

I call this one "Boys on a Log with a little sister."

My BFF Tara and her yummy baby Josh. Yes I wrote 'yummy'

Family Photo!! I don't think I have a photo where Evan isn't cute.

Boys on Big Rock. They just can't resist.

starting at the left: Zach, Kenneth, Sam, Brent, Mara, Evan, Ben, KC with Josh, and Alex walking around to get a better rock for the sling shot. They loved that sling shot!

This was the river they were sitting by.

We finally made it to Doughnut Falls, and my camera dies. I got a couple of good pics though. After that Evan informed me he had to go poop. So Mara, Evan, and I raced back to the outhouse at the start of the trail. I fell down trying to climb up a rock to the trail. I cut my knee, elbow and hands, so it was a bloody, butt-clenching race that took about a half hour. In the end, Sam had fallen too. When he saw me, he felt better. We had matching cuts and scraps.
It was a wonderful time anyway.
We're going back to Utah as soon as we can.

Family Reunion

Okay, I'm really late putting up these pics. The reunion was a month ago, but I've been preoccupied. I also have to put up Mara's birthday too, but I haven't finished with Utah.

This is the famous Aunt Colleen! I've waited 11 years to meet her and I'm not waiting 11 more to see her again.

This is Uncle Dennis overseeing the big foot race. It was hilarious to watch all those kids run in inflatable feet!


Sam won first place! He loves trophies and was very proud.
Brent put on the feet next and won the adult race.

4 of the 6 Halling kids.
top Reed (who is the spitting image of his dad, Kenneth) and Steve
bottom Gene and Colleen.
A handful of the cousins.
Lori, Charles, Brent, KC, and Robert.
It was a small reunion but we'll try to make it again soon.