Saturday, April 26, 2008

Stupid Karma!

Well I know things happen in three's so this better be it! My washer broke, then my camera was destroyed, that's two. Well yesterday, I called my auto insurance to check on our coverage. She said we had unlimited small accident forgiveness. I said
"That's good. I hope I don't hit anyone anyway."
Me and my big stupid mouth. Today, I pulled into a small parking spot and scraped against a red minivan. They were in their car and the guy immediately started talking about the paint and buffer the ancient van was going to need. "Lucky you didn't dent it though." He smiled slyly. In my mind I hoping it's less than $500 bucks but this guy could have easily made it worse, than I wouldn't be covered. Anyway, His wife got sick of sitting in the car, so she yelled it him to drop it and go. He wasn't to happy about that. Oh well. Well, whether it was Murphy's law, Karma, Dogma, or the luck of the draw, I'm keeping my big mouth shut from now on.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another Fun Trip.

It was another fun weekend with our friends in Houston. Brent had to work at Baylor so the rest of us tagged along.

Tara and I.

Sam and Alex


Dethroning King Kenneth!

Kenneth tries Ramon noodles for the first time and really likes them. Soooo GROSS!

Ben tries to spray Kenneth and Sam but Kenneth thwarts his plans by clamping the hose.

Monkey Evan.

Death of a camera.

My faithful camera has died. Even though I was upset about the corrupted memory card, I didn't want it to go the way it did. ONE of my children turned on the camera making the lens pop out. Then the anonymous child closed it by stomping on it. When I called the camera repair store, they informed me it would be a factory repair and a flat rate of $160. I told them I could get a better camera for that. Thanks to amazon, I got a MUCH better camera at a discount, for$165 and a 4GB memory card for $13.80!! I up-upgraded my Canon, and I am paying for it with this tax rebate thing, along with the new washer we had to buy. I hope nothing else breaks, OR GETS BROKEN. Oh well!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Limerick contest

My department had a limerick contest over the weekend and 5 of the 6 top voted for limericks went to my boss. My limerick was triaged. I'm curious as to what all of you can do.

Here is a new go at it: Lost Dogs

Help us, Help us, we've been lost in
Houston, Texas and now Austin!
The air gets so fizzy
it must make us dizzy
chasing our tails like a dachshund.

Try 2: Ode to allergies

Cedars and oaks, they give a lot;
They give a lot of awful snot!
Phlegm out the ears,
nostrils, and tears;
A yellow-green dog flavoured rot!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Idol Talk.

I haven't kept up very faithfully with this season of American Idol but I have my favorites.

Don't hate me, but I really like little David Archuleta. Here's one of his best performances. He only sang his favorite verses.
And this latest performance knocked everyone out of the water.

I also like David Cook. What really sold me on him was is rockin version of Billie Jean. this is "Hello" in a new way too.

Jason Castro has impressed me more than once with his individuality and sweet voice. Check this out in case you missed it.
What do you think?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yeah for Twilight!!

I'm sooooooooo excited because one of my favorite books is becoming a movie. One of the toughest things they had to do for twilight was find actors that resembled gorgeous Greek gods. THEY SCORED! Check out the pic of the Cullen family.

If you recognize Robert Pattinson in the front then your a Harry Potter fan too. Awesome as Cedric and he will rule as Edward. I'm so excited!!!!! I'm also soooo excited because my completely wonderful and totally cool friend Tara is getting me a ticket to meet Stephenie Meyer!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! I hope it works out. If you want to see more hot shots from the movie go to . These vampires are almost as gorgeous as my own. he he.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Well Wonders Never Cease!!!

There it is folks. Miracles never cease. It's a girl.
I'm not quite sure how I feel yet but I'm very happy and really freaked out.
As to other reactions, Kenneth basically said 'duh'. He already knew that he was getting a sister. Sam has changed his mind and said he wants a girl now. Evan is still trying to see this so-called baby in my tummy. Brent smiled happily during the ultrasound and took the doctor's warnings about having a girl with consideration and humor. I'm still in shock. I'm going to try to girlie up some things to see if it gets me ready for this. Love to all and thanks for voting. Most of you were right. It's nice to know so many smart people.