Friday, May 8, 2009

Hyena Kenneth

It's been very exciting for Kenneth lately. He was in his first musical and he had a speaking part! (Yes I made the costume from things at home!)

'It's a Jungle Out There' is a deep and moving show about a quest to true happiness. Kenneth portrays a Hyena who laughs at everything and everyone. His performance was clear and hilarious. Enjoy the tidbit. It's the first of many shows for Kenneth H.

Cowboy Sam

Sam has been having an awesome year in Kindergarten. They recently had their yearly Rodeo and Sam absolutely loved dressing as a cowboy. He even made his own stick horse from one of daddy's socks. He rode a pony and won a wagon race too. He loves pretending! He's my costume boy. Sam is also my reflection lately. He tends to repeat what I say and with the same tone. He'll look at e and put his hands on his hips and say "Are you kidding me?" or dramatically state "How dare you?" It's funny listening to a mini version of me. (a little scary too)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Evan Evan Bo Bevan

I'm so proud of my Evan boy! He's writing! Today he wrote BINGO and he wasn't copying. He's still working on his name. It's kinda complicated when you think about it (having to go down then up then up and down and over then up, down, up! the V-A-N is the challenge, he's got E mastered)I'm super proud of him. It seemed like he was butting his head against a wall when it came to letters, but he's determined. He makes me laugh everyday. When he shows me his 'homework' and I say "good job, honey." He's says "No Mommy, you need to say 'GOOD JOB!' (more enthusiasm)." So I say it the right way and he smiles. He's always teaching me how to be a parent. He's fabulous.

He loves to read but every time you turn the page he has to talk about everything on it before you can read the words. (his bros find this very annoying) He still makes motor sounds when he's thinking too. And he is by far the most aggressive kisser and hugger I've met! Look out too, because no matter how many times I try I CANNOT KEEP HIS FACE CLEAN! I love him.

More Mara stuff.

I'm very bad at updating my blog everyday. Instead I sit down and do a month's worth of stuff. Well a little while ago Mara had some big milestones. She says 'mama' when she wants me. Yeah! But she's usually crying. I got it on video but it's too cruel to show on the blog. She says 'dada' when she's happy. She pulls herself up on things now, and today she pulled herself up on the stroller and, unintentionally, took a few steps as it rolled away from her. She keeps doing it now. She's working on waving bye-bye, and is now putting EVERYTHING in her mouth. She's been crawling for a long time, but she's getting faster and more daring by the minute. I'm freaking out because the gate I bought for the top of the stairs is too short! I hate stairs. Well that's Mara at 8 1/2 months.