Saturday, September 27, 2008


It's been a long time since my last entry. Sorry, but it's hard to type with a baby on your lap.

Had to share this though. Sam was telling 'jokes' tonight at the dinner table and was getting prouder and prouder of himself as he thought of better and better ones. It kinda went like this:

Sam: Mommy why did the fireman wear suspenders?
Me: Don't know Why?
Sam: to keep his pants on.
Me: oh my (he he he)
Sam: Mommy why did the curtains not move?
Me: Don't know.
Sam: Cause they could move by themselves!!
Me confused: oh okay hahaha
Sam with pride: I am so crazy.
Me: Oh yeah.
Sam: Mommy why did Mara cross the road?
Me with raised eyebrows: Why?
Sam: To jump over the fires and the chickens HAHAHAHAHA!
Me: That's a good one buddy (insert fake laugh)
Sam with more pride: I am so good at telling jokes. I'm the super silliest.
Me: (Real laughter)!