Monday, June 30, 2008

A Rare and Wonderful Experience

Yesterday, at church, we meet the Apostle David A. Bednar.
His son was in our ward (they moved today) and he came for the blessing of his new granddaughter. He spoke for most of Sacrament meeting, bearing his testimony that Thomas S. Monson is the new prophet, and explaining how the church is organized at the top level.
Since it was the fifth Sunday, we had combined Relief Society and Priesthood meeting. He conducted a Q&A session for just our ward. He said we would never be in the presence of an Apostle with this small of a group again. Every question was answered beautifully, and the Spirit was very strong. The most powerful thing that struck me was "If you don't have the faith not to be healed, you can never have the faith to be healed."
Afterwards, Kenneth was standing behind Elder Bednar. He turned around and asked Kenneth his name. We got to shake his hand and I asked Elder Bednar if there was anything Kenneth could have for his picture book. He very discreetly handed Kenneth his card. It says:
David A. Bednar
Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
It has other things printed on there, but I'm sure he doesn't want it published on the web.
Kenneth immediately put it in his book and then called his grandparents.
What an amazing Sunday!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day.

This was a great Father's day. I went a little overboard with the gifts again, but he deserves them. (Plus he found a couple before Father's day, so I had to get more!)

Breakfast in bed!
Unwrapping some gifts with his little men.

My brother had his kids take a quiz for mom's day so I went ahead and had my boys do one for their daddy too.

Father’s Day Quiz.
1. My dad is ______ years old.
Kenneth: 33
Sam: 18
Evan: one
2. My dad is coolest when______.
Kenneth: he does a handstand
Sam: he’s strong
Evan: popcorn
3. My dad likes to make ______.
Kenneth: playdough food
Sam: pizza
Evan: cereal
4. My dad always says, "________."
Kenneth: Today is the first day of the rest of your life
Sam: you’re silly
Evan: go to bed
5. My dad is funny when ________.
Kenneth: he does something and gets hurt
Sam: he tickles me and Kenneth and Evan
Evan: in pictures
6. My dad is the best ________.
Kenneth: Scientist
Sam: strong man
Evan: duck
7. My dad has ______ eyes.
Kenneth: green
Sam: brown
Evan: 2
8. My dad is _______ tall.
Kenneth: 6 feet
Sam: this tall (reaches very high)
Evan: bigger
9. My dad is handsome when ________.
Kenneth: he goes to church
Sam: at church and in the morning
Evan: yes
10. My dad likes to _______.
Kenneth: spank us
Sam: think
Evan: throw rocks

My completely totally awesome friends.

I went to Houston last week as a spur-of-the-moment type trip. My best friend, Tara, put us up and watched my boys for me while I went to the temple. Then on Thursday night, I thought I was going to a book group only to show up at a spur-of-the-moment surprise baby shower! My friends ROCK! I was so happy and shocked. Tara sent me some great pics too.

This is a pic of everyone who could make it, including Kristine, Sarah, and Jacob who won the prize for coming the farthest. (besides me :)

This is Amy who was so awesome to get me everything dipped in chocolate! TOO YUMMY!

This is Tara S who made this absolutely adorable duck cake. So talented!

Here is Heather and Lupita. Always nice to see and enjoy dessert with.
This is me absolutely loving the fact I passed my glucose test! Bring in the chocolate covered strawberries and pound cake!

Thanks Susannah for Hosting, and thanks to everyone for the advice on having girls, the clothes and accessories, diapers, and just being there for me. I really miss you all.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stay at Home MOM Salary.

This was way too cool not to show all my friends. Check out how much you could be making for everything you do as a stay at home mom. My yearly salary is $160,096!!!!!!
Most of us would be making more than our hubbies!

By the way, we found a home for the dog.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Stupid Dog Owners

This is the newest stray in ours lives. The last one had a chip in his ear and tags so was home in 8 hours. This dog has no collar and no chip. She is a female bull mix and is very social, so she has won almost all our hearts. We can't find the owners though. We can tell she has been well looked after, her ears and teeth are clean, her nails are clipped, and she's groomed. Her behavior leads us to think she's an inside dog. She tried to sleep in our bed, she absolutely loves the boys, and when we left her in the backyard to go to church this morning, she ripped apart some of the toys in the yard.
Well, I started my search for the owner by going to Petsmart where they had a vet. That's how we found out there was no chip. After I bought a collar and leash for the mutt, they gave me free samples of dog food to feed her for a few days. Then we took pictures and made posters to go up in the neighborhood. I posted her pic on Craig's List and the Neighborhood Association. I sent and email to everyone I know in the neighborhood, and most importantly, I sent her pic and description to the city animal shelter all within hours of finding her.
The depressing thing is this: There are far more found dogs then people looking for them.
Some people leave their dogs when they move, just letting them go in the neighborhood.
Others go on vacation, not giving proper attention to their pets care and they get loose.
With all the free microchiping, why doesn't every dog have one!
Our BIG problem is we can't keep her, and if we take her to the shelter, the owners have 3 days to claim her than she will, most likely, be put down. Since she is part pit bull (although it's hard to believe) she is not likely to be adopted even if she does pass the behavior tests.